The Carlyle Gregory Company LLC

The Carlyle Gregory Company LLC

 Grassroots training in Tennessee.

Our government has its fingersin just about everything we do, so it behooves us to talk to the beast andfigure out how to communicate with it. Every large corporation in America,and every special interest group of any size, pays professional lobbyists in Washington to make their positions and interests known. State capitols across America are flooded with lobbyists when the legislature is in session.

Paidlobbyists can only do so much. The ideabehind grassroots lobbying is to make a big impact through citizenactivism. The fact of the matter is thatelected representatives are much more concerned about the votes of theirconstituents than they will ever be about paid Beltway Bandits. They will listen to the folks back home.

Howto get your people involved? How do yougive them the skills they need to be effective? Grassroots training is the answer, and the Carlyle Gregory Company cangive you what you need.

Ihave conducted grassroots training seminars for the American HospitalAssociation, the Susan B. Anthony List and the America MedicalAssociation. I have participated intraining seminars for Merck and the Insurance Association of California. I have created grassroots training manualsfor the National Mining Association, the National Confectioners Association, theSusan B. Anthony List and the Independent Insurance Agents of America.

Ican help your organization master the skills necessary to make your voice heardin Washingtonand your state capitals. Whether it is a one shot training seminar, ora 5 year grassroots lobbying program, I can help you make your voice heard.


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